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TMOS is the human machine interface solution designed specifically for the
Power Generation Industry.

For the Owners/Operators of General Electric generators using Mark IV, V and VI operating systems,

this website provides user-driven communication, engagement and discussion regarding the

HMI technology called Turbine Monitoring System SCADA (TMOS).

Sponsors for this site are ITS and TTS and only participate with technical support…


  • User-friendliness

  • Flexibility

  • Scalability

  • Reliability

  • Functionality

  • Connectivity

TMOS, which stands for Turbine Monitoring System, is a product of International Turbine Systems (ITS). TMOS was introduced initially as an operator interface, engineering workstation and data logging for the Power Generation Industry to interface with the turbine control systems. It also provides diagnostic and analytical tools for the power generation processes. With its unmatched performance, high reliability and ease of functionality, TMOS has proved to be more popular than the original operator interface supplied by the OEM of the turbine.

Besides having the robustness and reliability, it also poses the feature of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system, making it extremely flexible and versatile, for a wide range of applications. The design team never stops developing and adding improvements, new interfacing possibilities and new advanced features. Today, TMOS is a feature-packed, user friendly, robust and multi-connective system.


Turbine Technology Services is a licensed reseller and installer for TMOS in the Americas. We are approaching 100 units in the field using TMOS.

Since 1983, TTS has provided innovation, high quality solutions and engineering expertise to clients worldwide.

Our offering to the mature gas turbine market includes:

  • Heavy Industrial Turbines

    • Parts supply

    • Conversions, modifications and upgrades

    • Engineering and on site services

    • Power plant services

    • Combustion and performance services

  • Light Industrial Turbine Services

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