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Maintenance Training



Attendees should have completed the TTS TMOS Operations Training course. Experience in setting up, configuring and maintaining computer systems is a plus.




The goal of this course is to familiarize the participants with system maintenance tools and procedures. An introduction to screen modification procedures will also be provided.  




Upon successful completion of this school, using the materials provided and the TMOS instruction manual, the participant should be able to:


  1. Understand the TMOS Mark V Server tools and how to use them accordingly.

  2. Understand the SmartLog scripts and how to add tags.

  3. Understand how to navigate the displays and edit them.

  4. Understand how to be able to perform backups and restore of the systems.

  5. Understand the process of adding tags to the scripts.

  6. Use the system tools and can make changes as necessary.




Training will be scheduled for two (2) 8-hr sessions

Course Introduction


Explain the goal and objectives for the course.


Mark V Server

  • Introduction

  • Server Configuration

  • Client Information

  • Mark V Server Application Control

  • Mark V Server Tools

  • Mark V Diagnostics

  • Dynamic Rung Display and Reports

  • Rung Editor

  • Sequence Editor

  • Logic Forcing

  • Control Constant Adjust

  • Prevote Data

  • LVDT/SERVO (Calibration)

  • EEPROM Programmer/Downloader

  • Mark V Files Configuration

  • Control Constants Check

  • Compile New Unit Data Dictionary



  • Introduction

  • SmartLog Script

  • Editing Signal List

  • Smartlog Interface

  • Smartlog script

  • Understanding the editor


Display Editing

  • Understanding the Text Editor

  • Basic Graphic Syntax

  • Understanding “Includes”

  • Exercise Adding Text to Screen

  • Exercise Adding Analog Box to Screen

Hardware Testing

  • Server Backups

  • Client Backups


Drive Recovery

  • Network Attached Storage (NAS)

  • Server


Adding Tags from Connected PLC

  • Kepware



Adding tags to Modbus Slave

  • Modbus Slave Script

  • Understanding the editor


Adding tags to Modbus Master

  • Understanding the Modbus Master

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